• Conductor


    Near 40 years of activity as conductor show his attachment to this performing art. With this art, he came up to composers from baroque era up to our days, including innumerable first auditions of contemporary ones.

    Because of his former experience as composer, he approaches the scores with a sight from this point of view; trying to read them based on the fidelity to the text, without disdaining the not written variables through a thoughtful study of the stile of the referred composer, the suggestions of its own imagination and those ones of the soloists and orchestral musicians with whom he performs.


  • Cultural Manager


    Convinced of the important role of the artist into the society, and the role of the society as creator of artist from its own womb, he has always been deeply involved with the diffusion of the musical art.

    He created several orchestras (Ensamble Musical La Plata, Orquesta de Alumnos de la Facultad de Bellas Artes de la UNLP, Orquesta Juvenil de la UNT, Studio Orchestrale Scaligero) even as lot of choirs on both sides of the ocean.

    He’s actually the Artistic Director of the Amici della Musica del Lago di Garda, little musical society with which, on 10 years of activity (together with the effort of other associated), he carried on placing it among the best known productive realities in Italy.

    Always caring about young musicians, he is tipping over his energies on new projects tending to upgrade their academic skills, to create new jobs for them and to approach their coevals to the orchestral performing halls.


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